Questions and Answers

This section contains answers to questions concerning the Old English Square development. It has been divided into two parts, general questions about the project and specific questions asked by various community members. Click here to submit your own question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Old English Square Project?
A: The Old English Square Project is a mixed-use development project planned for the Town of Holbrook offering a pedestrian-friendly shopping village and residential community that will revitalize the downtown area and generate a significant amount of new growth revenue for the Town.

Q: What impact will it have on traffic?
A: A traffic study for the Old English Square development site is currently being prepared by the engineering firm H.W. Moore Associates, Inc. When the study is completed, the development team will make it available to the general public. The commuter rail station on the Holbrook-Randolph border is only a short distance away.

Q: Does the proposal include plans for affordable housing?
A: The proposal does not include any affordable housing component.

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Questions from the Public

Q: What is going to happen to the Wright Brothers' bowling alley? It's very important because it's the only place in town for young people to go.
A: The owners of the bowling alley business have a lease for their building that runs at least until 2008. So they should certainly be around until then. In the meantime, we feel that the bowling alley is very compatible with what we have planned for the site.

Q: Will there be any new retail stores or chain restaurants added to this
complex? What will this do to traffic on an already busy road?

A: There are plans for two 4,000 square foot retail stores along with several smaller stores. No chain restaurants are planned at this time. Admittedly, the retail stores will add some traffic to Union Street. However, it will be much less than the alternative uses for the site. Zoned business commercial, the OES site could support a small supermarket, a strip mall, and possible a warehouse operation. Each would produce far more traffic than our proposal. In terms of specifics, a traffic study has been commissioned to evaluate the impacts of the development. Once it is complete it will be posted online.

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