Original Project Plan

Inspired by "Smart Growth" projects like Mashpee Commons and Celebration, Florida, Old English Square will create a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly shopping village and residential community for the Town of Holbrook, revitalizing the downtown area and generating significant increased revenue for the Town.

The proposed project will feature a mix of retail, commercial and residential development in two parts- a Retail and a Residential Village.

artist's rendering of the Old English Square retail village as seen from Union Street

The proposed Old English
Square retail village
as seen from Union Street.

The Retail Village

  • 28 Market-Rate Luxury Condomiums
  • Approximately 36,000 square feet of new retail and professional space.
  • Approximately 4 to 6 new retail outlets such as movie rental stores, dry cleaners, coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Five to six small businesses such as law and doctors' offices. The new buildings will surround a green space and a driveway.
  • Traditional New England Colonial Architecture

The Residential Village

  • 315 new luxury residential condominiums priced at market rate with no affordable
    housing component
  • 157 one-bedroom condos and 158 two-bedroom condos
  • One-bedroom condos will be approximately 800 square feet; two-bedroom condos will be approximately 1,200 square feet.

Project Benefits

The Joseph R. Mullins Company has commissioned several professional studies to analyze the project's impact on the Town of Holbrook. The studies have concluded that the Old English Square project will offer Holbrook's residents and businesses the following benefits:

  • $830,000 in tax revenues from property and auto excise taxes, plus permitting fees
  • $3.3 million in additional retail sales for area businesses from new residents
  • Increased bonding capacity to help pay for improvements to Town infrastructure,
    such as water
  • Approximately $1,029,000 local aid bonus under the Governor's proposed housing
    incentive program
  • Increased property values on Union Street.
  • Minimal impact on Holbrook's school system and town services with most tax dollars going back to the Town
  • Alternative housing for area seniors
  • Preservation of open space
  • Protection of wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas
  • A retail village offering new outlets and office space
  • Parking for other businesses on Union Street
  • An attractive luxury residential and retail community located near the center of town with access to the commuter rail
  • Proposed Bike Path
  • Proposed new traffic signal on Union Street
  • Employment opportunities for area residents
  • Meadow at rear of the property will be maintained
  • Wright Bros. Bowling Alley incorporated into this development
  • Developer to donate land for recreational uses
  • Creation of a pedestrian-friendly community

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