Retail Village Archived Plans

The plans for Old English Square have changed as the project has progressed. Below are earlier renderings of the project.

artist's rendering of the retail village
Aerial view of the retail village.

bird's eye perspective of retail village retail site layout Building 1 Elevations

Aerial View of Retail Village

Retail Site Layout (pdf)

Building 1 Elevations (pdf)

Building 2 elevations Building 3 elevations Building 4 elevations

Building 2 Elevations (pdf)

Building 3 Elevations (pdf)

Building 4 Elevations (pdf)

Building 5 elevations    

Building 5 Elevations (pdf)



revised retail village sketch a of retail village sketch b of retail village

Revised Retail Village

Sketch A of Retail Village

Sketch B of Retail Village

retail village site plan retail village bank on green aerial of retail village green

Retail Village Site Plan

Retail Village Bank on Green

Aerial of Retail Village Green

A computerized rendering of the retail village.
townhouse style
garage style

Computer rendering of retail village

Sample townhouse style

Sample garage beneath townhouses

option a option b conceptual plan

Proposed site plan: Option A

Proposed site plan: Option B

Overall concept plan

recreational area plan site plan detailing buildable areas area summary plan

Conceptual sports and
recreation area plan

Buildable area plan

Area summary plan

Original Retail Village Plans

artist's rendering of the retail village from above
artist's rendering of Old English Square's retail village from Union Street

Retail village with
residential village in the background

Retail village from Union Street

artist's rendering of the retail village from above
Old English Square retail village site plan

Aerial view of retail village

Retail village plan